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Beautiful, diverse, and unique, the island of Bali in Indonesia is a dream holiday destination.

It has stunning natural scenery, lively beaches, extraordinary temples, incredible food, fun nightlife and a huge range of experiences from adventure to Zen, indulgence and wellness. 


But all this variety has its downside too.

Many people miss out on amazing experiences and activities during a trip to Bali.

Choosing the right accommodation, experiences, tours and even restaurants can become a stressful, expensive, guessing game. 


I take the time, stress and wasted money out of planning your trip.

As a Bali resident and lover of this warm, friendly island, I provide personalized suggestions, tips and itineraries for every type of Bali traveler.  



My Planning Styles 


This is for travelers who want to have everything organized for them, from transfers to tours, routes and accommodation. Just give me your budget and sit back and relax! 

The flexible itinerary

This option is for travelers who want a little more freedom, flexibility and control, without missing out on the best that Bali has to offer. 

travel consultancy

If you prefer to plan things yourself or are overwhelmed by all the options, then book a call with me for the latest news on the best experiences, tours, activities and everything else. 


Hi, I'm Bo

I want to show you why I fell in love with Bali years ago. And I want to help you use that knowledge to plan the best trip possible. 


As a child, I loved to read travel books and use them to organize my family’s holidays. As I grew up, the passion to organize holidays only intensified. At first, I only organized my own trips. But after I first visited Bali 5 years ago, I suddenly had another love that I needed to satisfy. 


I returned to Bali many times and explored some of the surrounding islands like Java, Lombok, Nusa Islands and the Gili Islands. And then in 2019, I gave in to my love affair and made the move to live in Bali. 


During my explorations of this warm, amazing, friendly island, I’ve found many more reasons to love Bali. I use those reasons to design interesting and authentic Bali holiday itineraries based on what you love and want to do the most!



After the tip from my cousin to contact Bo, we let her organize our honeymoon. She made sure we could see the best mix of nature, culture and beaches. 

We definitely want to come back and we look forward to working with Bo next time again.

Anas & Zeina


Your BALI DREAM TRIP awaits you!


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