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I try to stay away from mass tourism experiences. So, you won’t find yourself on the same tours as everyone else unless that’s what you really want.


With A Bali Point of View, your imagination is your only limit when it comes to your holiday.


If you want an expensive, luxurious stay one night and a more affordable the next to make up for it, I can organize both.

I can find you an Instagram spot in the morning and a hidden gem in the afternoon.


This is how I create my exclusive but affordable trips, by using local knowledge, guides and contacts to find and book experiences that suit your budget and your Bali dreams. 




At A Bali Point of View, I specialize in designing dream Bali holidays and itineraries for couples, honeymooners, families and large groups. My travel plans are similar to what you’d get from a regular travel agency, except for three main differences. 


The first difference is my focus on you. I want you to have a dream holiday in Bali. That’s why I work hard to plan everything based on your personality and what you want to do and see.

I can organize everything from: 


  • The perfect luxurious accommodation to comfortable and affordable. 

  • A Spiritual Balinese blessing to buggy rides through the jungle. 

  • The latest 5-star restaurant to a meal and sleepover with a local family. 

  • A visit to the latest Instagram spot to a waterfall visit that isn’t on any map. 

  • Wellness retreats to glamping on a mountain. 

  • Air-conditioned transport around the island to motorbike hire! 

The other difference is the price. As an independent planner who lives in Bali, I book everything directly with locals. Basically, this means I can offer you much better prices than you’ll get at any other travel agency. 


And the third difference is my flexibility. Unlike other agencies, I work with every accommodation rather than a selected few.






As a Travel Planner

‘Planning has been always been a passion for me ever since I was little. I used to dive into the travel agency books, comparing the best camp sites and prices for holidays with my parents.

When I was older, my friends always trusted me with booking our trips because they were guaranteed of a great holiday. I helped friends with their holiday to Spain, colleagues of friends with their Berlin trip and the family of a friend with their trip to New York, when I never visited New York myself!

I was always busy planning the next trip for myself and others and it became a sport to find hidden gems. It was a hobby until we decided to move to Bali; it was the first thing I could think of me doing for a living. I love creating Bali dream trips for others as if they were my own.


I put my heart, effort and all my Bali knowledge in the travel planning and it's my goal to make sure you will have the best experience you’ve always dreamed of.’

DSC_0729 2.jpg


I’m actually half Indonesian; my mom was born in Jakarta.She grew up in Sumatra and moved to The Netherlands when she was 9 years old.

My mom never had the urge to go back to her home country but I was so curious that I really wanted to see where my roots came from.


7 years ago me and my boyfriend traveled for the first time to Indonesia.

We did 2 weeks Java and 10 days Bali. This trip was already very special to me. I felt immediately at home and I didn't have that big of culture shock. 

When we arrived in Bali we  looked at each other and said: ’Wow I want to live here!’.

I thought it was just like feeling spending quality time together on a holiday in a beautiful place.


A year, later we traveled to Thailand and the year after to Australia, but we also came back to Bali twice in these years and every time we were in Bali we had that feeling of coming home. At one point my boyfriend said: ‘let’s do it, let’s just move!’.

My first thought was: ‘that’s crazy, I have a career, I can’t go’. But when we came back from 5 weeks Australia and a short stopover in Bali, the idea turned into a plan.

I didn’t want to wait another year for our next adventure. Besides that we’re from the Netherlands where the weather sucks most of the time, we don’t have children yet and we had some savings, so why not start this amazing adventure?! 

Once I decided to work as a travel planner and told people about it, my first clients found me through word of mouth. We’ve been here since April 2019 and for me, being in Bali is the best way to connect with people to work with and build my business.


And guess what?! In 2021 was our Bali baby boy born! And we're not planning on leaving soon. We're enjoying the Bali life to the fullest as a family.




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