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I provide a range of services to help you plan your dream holiday to Bali, from one-off travel consulting to Full Package planning.

And because of my exclusive but affordable promise, it’s for all budgets!

I want to introduce you to the real Bali.

That’s why, at A Bali Point of View, I offer: 


  • Stress free holiday planning that fits into your busy schedule (because I do it for you). 

  • Tips, strategies and ideas that only a Bali expert could offer. 

  • Customized itineraries that are convenient and focus on making sure you have unforgettable experiences in Bali.

  • Affordable prices because I book everything with locally owned and run businesses. 

  • A range of travel services to suit your travel style. 





My All-In Bali Holidays offer customized travel plans and itineraries, including accommodations, activities, tours and more. 


Countdown to your departure with the confidence that your dream holiday has been carefully curated to your own specific requirements. 


Whether you seek a wellness retreat, an adventure holiday, Instagrammable opportunities, a culinary exploration of the island, a surf trip or a combination of all these and more, I will design the perfect experience to ensure you won’t miss a single thing. 


Let's create an unforgettable and stress-free holiday to Bali for you!

Full Package Trip Planning


1. Introduction Call

We start with an introduction call so I can learn what type of person you are and what kind of trip you’re dreaming about. 


2. Inspiration Itinerary

I’ll use my knowledge of Bali and the information from our phone call to create an inspiration itinerary with detailed information about each destination and what to expect from it. 


3. Accommodation Proposal

After the inspiration itinerary has been approved, I’ll send you an accommodation proposal. You’ll be able to choose between 3-4 accommodation options per area in Bali, all of them chosen based on your budget and preferences. 


4. Activity Discussion

Once the practicalities are taken care of, we need to talk about the tours and activities you’d like me to plan for you. 


5. Trip Overview

Once you’ve decided on your accommodation, tours, and activities, I’ll send you an overview of your Bali trip. This is when you need to pay the remaining balance so I can book everything. 


6. Booking

I secure your booking and you start packing and counting down the days until your holiday! 


7. Best of Bali Guides

As an extra bonus, I’ll send you my Best of Bali Guides for each destination you’ll be visiting. It’s full of extra tips and recommendations for activities and restaurants. 


This is for travelers who want some direction but like to be flexible when traveling. It’s a great choice for beginner and intermediate travelers who just need a little help to make sure you don’t miss out on the best that Bali has to offer. 


1. Introduction Call 

This is where I learn about what you want from your trip, your budget and travel style, and how I can help. 


2. Planning 

I start planning your dream Bali trip based on everything I’ve learned about you. 


3. Personalized Travel Plan 

I send out your travel plan in an easy to follow PDF. It will contain all the information you need to book your accommodation, tours and activities. And best of all, you have all the power, so you can decide exactly what you want to do and when. 


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  • A flexible day-by-day travel itinerary with detailed recommendations on how to spend your time. 

  • A suggested travel route based on distances and traffic information that you just won’t get online. 

  • Accommodation recommendations based on your budget. 

  • Activity and tour recommendations according to what you most want to do and see in Bali. 

  • A list of local (my favorite) bars, restaurants and beach clubs that you’ll probably want to check out. 

  • General Bali tips for hassle-free transport and to avoid other potential problems that only locals know about. 

  • Information on the best and most affordable day trips with local drivers and tour guides. 


€ 229


Sometimes, all you need is a little extra help to plan your ideal Bali trip. Or you might be thinking about moving to Bali and want to get advice from someone who’s done it and loves it! 


Looking online for answers to these questions doesn’t always help.


Especially since COVID-19 had a big impact on the island. Accommodations and restaurants had to close their doors or didn't have money for maintenance so some places are not as good as they were a few years ago.

You don’t want to plan your dream trip around outdated recommendations or information. 


This is why I offer travel consulting. In a quick one hour call you can ask all those Bali questions that you couldn’t get answered online from someone who lives in Bali and knows the island as it is now.



1 hour

€ 55

  • Travel to Bali in 2023, flights, visas and other information you need for preparing.

  • How to find, plan, and book the best activities such as yoga, diving, rafting, or temple and waterfall visits.  

  • The best areas and accommodations for your trip depending on your opinions on crowds and your transport options. 

  • Finding and booking local English-speaking tour guides or transfers. 

  • The best routes to explore as much of the island as possible (it isn’t as easy as you might think). 

  • What you need to know about living in Bali (including remote working)

  • Anything else that’s been confusing you! 

The Flexible Itnerary
Travel Consulting

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